В линейке глиссирующих яхт верфи Custom Line ожидается пополнение: проект CL 106’ представили на выставке в Майами. Это уже вторая модель верфи в сотрудничестве с Francesco Paszkowski Design.

In the line of the gliding yachts of the Custom Line shipyard, replenishment is expected: the CL 106 'project was presented at the exhibition in Miami. This is the second model of the shipyard in cooperation with Francesco Paszkowski Design. In the design of the CL 106 'were underlined as distinctive features of the brand, and introduced new stylistic features. Here everything is aimed at further breaking the boundaries of external and internal spaces, and also achieving an ideal balance between form and functionality.

The yacht also has a large guest area of ​​220 m². The feed is equipped with a new version of the patented DMT system (Dual Mode Transom). It consists of a two-section door that closes not only the garage, but also the ladder, when the ship is in motion. In the garage, a tender is placed up to 5.45 meters and a 3-seater hydrocycle.

The interiors of the main deck are flooded with natural light thanks to the windows from floor to ceiling. Closer to the bow are the master apartments in the entire width of the building - 6.5 meters. They are equipped with two dressing rooms and two bathrooms, separated by a shower, and as an option - a panoramic terrace. On the lower deck there are four guest cabins: two VIP cabins and two twin, all with their own bathrooms. The beds in the VIP cabins are turned to the windows to enjoy the views as much as possible. In each of the double cabins an additional folding bed (pulmann) is possible.
The yacht is equipped with two engines MTU 16V to 2,217 hp, which are capable of producing 23 knots, and is equipped with electro-hydraulic stabilizers - for eliminating rolling as in motion, and in zero speed. With more powerful engines MTU 16V to 2,638 hp. the maximum speed CL 106 'will be 26 knots.

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