New wireless headphones


Company Sennheiser introduced completely wireless headphones Momentum True Wireless

New on sale in the US in mid-November for $ 300. This is almost twice as expensive as a wireless headset Apple's AirPods, but, according to the Sennheiser, the new model features "uncompromising audio playback and highest quality materials."

The capacities of the Sennheiser Momentum battery are enough for four hours of battery life, and the headphones come with a charging case that provides two additional charging devices.

The Sennheiser Momentum headphones use 7-mm dynamic emitters, the EQ setting is done in Sennheiser Smart Control for iOS and Android platforms. There are also two microphones with beam beam technology that improves the quality of voice over telephone calls and interactions with the voice assistant.

The headphones support the AAC and Qualcomm aptX codecs, have an on-board Bluetooth 5.0 wireless adapter and provide playback in the range of 17 to 21,000 Hz.

They also have Transparent Hearing, which allows you to hear everything that's happening around, reducing the likelihood that the user will not hear an upcoming car while on the road, as well as the ability to continue the conversation without removing the headphones.

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