Chris-Craft Launch 28GT made a small revolution - a breakthrough that no one expected

THE REVOLUTION IN ACTION For more than a century, Chris-Craft has never ceased to amaze with new masterpieces. Perfectly adjusted lines, exquisite profile with sporting notes, unique details - the style of the shipyard is recognizable from the very first sight. Each line offers its own set of functions and characteristics, but it remains true to the premium quality. Whether it's a fishing boat, an everyday walking cruiser or an elegant sea cabriolet, they all have excellent seaworthiness and a unique style.

In the Launch series from Chris-Craft models from 7 to 11.6 meters are presented. Four of them with an open bow with sofas (bowrider), and the flagship of the line can be called a full-fledged cruiser for the weekend - with two cabins on board and a bathroom. Within the Miami International Boat Show 2018, a new 8.7-meter Launch 28GT boat was introduced, which successfully settled in the model range. Anyone who is familiar with the Chris-Craft yachts will unmistakably determine: the new Launch has recognizable "family" features of the shipyard. But it can not be called a replacement for Launch 28, because such a number of recycled elements allows us to talk about a fundamentally new concept. And although Launch 28GT was presented very modestly, Chris-Craft made a small revolution - a breakthrough that no one expected.

It seems that they did not lose time in the shipyards and did a tremendous job of studying modern trends. On Launch 28GT immediately attracted the attention of the new design of the folding top, which came to replace the bimini-construction. A graceful arch in a sports style rises with the help of an electric drive and pulls the canopy over the cockpit. Its second purpose is to serve as a wakeboard or other water sports anchor, which presupposes the presence of a towboat with a special system of rods and ropes. Also, while walking or parking the boat, the arch can fully fold, leaving no hint of its presence. The Launch 28GT has almost everything a demanding client can desire. For example, the aft part is equipped with a large solarium where guests can enjoy sunbathing. But if additional sofas are needed, the "back" on the hidden guides slides over the surface and divides the mattress into a sofa zone and a solarium. There is a convenient passage to the cockpit area on the right hand side of the canopy, but it is not the only one. The side door on the starboard side also allows you to immediately get into the cockpit while mooring along the dock or for diving.

Under a large corner sofa and a chair opposite a significant part of the cockpit is allocated. All the sofas and armchairs on board received a new kind of line - an elegant wavy line replaced the familiar "mattress" seam. This is not all innovations: near all the sofa areas there were small armrests. They are foldable, so they can be used if necessary, creating additional support for passengers during steep turns.

On board, many storage niches are hidden, access to which can be obtained by pressing the control button, or by folding the cushions. From the classic instrument panel to the Launch 28GT there is no trace left. The inspiration for creating such a management post was undoubtedly the modern sports cars. Not only navigational charts are displayed on the Garmin touchscreen, but also the level of water, fuel, battery charge, and other temperature sensors. Also, the display turns on the lighting, opens the hatch, etc. Some of the most basic functions are duplicated by classic buttons, as well as the classic speedometer.

If we talk about the classics, then Chris-Craft does not forget the tradition, that's why such a concentration of mahogany is small, where you can still meet. Decorative panels trimmed steering wheel and post control, armchairs and sofas, niches and handrails. But modern technologies are present here in full: an integrated audio system with Jl Audio speakers, charging stations for phones, backlighting on board and a refrigerator for drinks in the cockpit.

On board is a small toilet with a sink. In general, the presence of such a zone on boats of similar size is not always possible, but in the case of Launch 28GT, long walks on the water are provided. A convenient passage between the seats gives instant access to the bow, where the designers created an additional relaxation zone with a semi-circular sofa. There is no full table on board, but for "cocktail tasks" there is a built-in holders for glasses. Chris-Craft Launch 28GT can be equipped with both a suspension and a stationary motor. The standard on-board version includes the Volvo 6.2 engine with a power of 380 horsepower, allowing you to reach a maximum of 50 knots.

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Chris-Craft Launch 28GT made a small revolution - a breakthrough that no one expected


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