Modern technological solutions helped to increase the speed of the yacht, which is important, without reducing the autonomy of navigation

This model of a sports yacht, with external contours as a jet plane, was realized in 2012. And as time has shown - very successfully. Five years later Pershing 82 remains very popular on the yacht market. Ferretti Group decided to upgrade the existing model, adding even more drive and adrenaline in the configuration of VHP (Very High Performance).

Well-known in the yachting world, the 25-meter Pershing 82 received a VHP attachment, which means high power and high speed. The rapid appearance indicates his intentions and, speaking of the first impression - he catches his breath and overwhelms his emotions. The hull remained the same: 24.98 meters in length and 5.5 meters in width, but 82 VHP is a new level of skill that has been deservedly marked by many yacht awards.

Indeed, the yacht is capable of skipping the barrier of 50 knots and quietly moving at a cruising speed of 42 knots per hour. And all this thanks to a combination of two new engines MTU 16V 2000 M96L, generating 2,638 horsepower each, with propulsive propulsion control system TopSystem.

Modern technological solutions have helped to increase the speed of the yacht, which is important, without reducing the autonomy of navigation. On the Pershing 82 VHP, you can still pass 310 nautical miles on one gas station. To accommodate a new pair of engines on board, the Pershing team of designers and engineers changed the location of the engine room, the height of the garage and the location of the air intakes in the hull itself.

Pershing 82 VHP is equipped with the latest system TopSystem 95S with options for using both manual and automatic mode of propulsion control. It helps the skipper optimize fuel consumption and provides smooth control of the yacht at high speeds, because the maximum acceleration during the road trials was 52.5 knots. In automatic mode, when the required engine speed is reached and the yacht leaves for gliding, the entire Top System system helps to develop the required speed and leave a comfortable impression of sea walks at high speeds. The boat is very maneuverable and obedient. A pleasant moment is connected with the noise insulation of the main engines, at the tests, at a speed of 35 knots, in the cabin of the cockpit there are excellent noise levels.

When the Pershing 82 VHP is in full swing, the adrenaline rides on the sandecke, and the spectacle is mesmerizing. In normal mode, the backup control station is closed for general aesthetics, but when it is used for mooring in small marinas, the electro-hydraulic system raises the entire system to the extreme-upper position, including the windshield.
Once the speed is reset to 0, Pershing 82 VHP turns into a cozy cruiser. Indeed, the designer Fulvio De Simoni was able to prove that the sporting character and comfort are not two interchangeable concepts.
In the bow of the main deck is a corner sofa with a folding bimini top over it, so necessary for protection from the midday sun. Being in the parking lot in the marina, this part of the yacht becomes a secluded place for a pleasant pastime. The bow chamber is complete with a large solarium. In general, the solarium on board the Pershing 82 VHP is three. In addition to the large sandpiper in the bow of the main deck, another one of the same impressive dimensions is located at the stern. Several sun loungers are located on the sandek, they are equipped with electrically adjustable backrests.

Updated details of the interior combine the latest technology and are filled with sophisticated Italian style. In Poltrona Frau have developed unusual color solutions for furniture, which perfectly match with dark panels, complemented by contrasting pockmarked inserts and flooring from bleached oak. Due to the fact that the salon stretches from the stern to the nose, as well as new quiet colors, the space is filled with air and light, there is no feeling of closure. A large corner sofa in black with quilted seats, a dining table on wooden legs with a glass top and bright interior items truly attract attention with their simple and modern style.

On the lower deck is a guest complex of four cabins. The corridor is finished with panels of metallic color from Elitis, as well as mirror sections. All the doors are soft to the touch, because they are covered with natural leather. The owner's apartment is located in the widest part of the building, and two large mirrors further expand the space. The illuminator of unusual shape at the head of the bed fills the master apartments with light. A pleasant contrast for the eyes is created by beige and gray color finishes. In addition, all cabins have LED lighting, creating a more comfortable space. In the interiors similar panels of gray color with light veins and decorative panels of gray-coal shade were also used.

Of course, Pershing 82 VHP has a lot of other technologies that remain relevant for many years. For example, a sliding ladder leading from the cockpit to the sandek, which is controlled by an electric drive. Or sliding on the skids with a sofa section in the cabin, creating an--shaped space for watching TV, hidden in a niche. Panoramic glazing, which is gradually becoming the standard, has been used on Pershing for many years, which indicates the vision of the shipyard.

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