Italy: a color woven from legends


The centuries-old history of Italy gave her lands an incomparable charm

The centuries-old history of Italy gave its lands an incomparable charm. The cities are full of life, the landscapes are fascinating, the inhabitants squint the sun all year round - it's impossible not to fall in love with this country. It would seem that can make this atmosphere even more attractive? And then it comes to the many legends on which, it would seem, this amazing country was built.

BIG STORIES IN DETAILS. ABBATION OF DI NOVACELLA It’s hard to imagine Italy without wines. If you are a connoisseur of fine grape flavors, then you just need to visit the Alto Adige region in northeastern Italy and taste the famous white wine produced by the local winery Abbazia di Novacella, which has been around the monastery since the 12th century. According to legend, the winery owes its current authority and unique taste map ... insects.

Approximately in the 19th century, phylloxera (devouring aphid roots) destroyed almost the entire crop of red grapes, from which, by the way, was far from being the best wine. Instead, they planted white varieties and this gave the winery a second wind. In 2009, the chief winemaker of Novacella, Celestino Luchin, was awarded the Winemaker of the Year award by the famous Gambero Rosso wine guide. Wines of the abbey have been tested for centuries and recognized by the world community as a benchmark of quality. By the way, to come to the abbey is not only for the sake of wine - there is crystal clear air. For the past 20 years, the abbey autonomously generates electricity from recycled materials, as well as a small hydroelectric station. For achievements in the environmentally friendly optimization of natural resources, this place has even been awarded the EcoFriendly award.

Abbation di Novachella envelops the cozy atmosphere of the Italian countryside. Just try in your free time to walk through the local streets, look at Romanesque buildings and feel the scale of verdant vineyards.

VENETIAN LACE Venice is located just 150 kilometers from the Abbas di Novachella. "City on the water", "capital of lovers" and thousands more well-known names attributed to this amazing place. However, this city stands not only on the intricacies of its channels, but also on many legends. However, almost every one of them is based on a love story.

For example, the tradition of the world famous Venetian lace was born on the island of Burano. According to legend, it was the gift of the mythical sirens. Once they surrounded the boat of a lost sailor, but the heart of the young man already belonged forever to his bride. Sirens, not accustomed to failures, marveled at the sailor’s resilience, and as a gift they handed him lace of unearthly beauty. He brought a gift to his girlfriend, and she was so delighted with the filigree work of lace that she decided to learn this craft on her own. Thus began the history of Burano lace, revered by connoisseurs from around the globe.

RIMINI - SUN CITY This magnificent city has gathered in itself everything you need for a comfortable and unforgettable journey. More than 15 kilometers of sandy beaches are located in the most famous resort of the Adriatic. And if we talk about the neighborhood of the town - everyone can find a place for himself. Noisy Riccione will delight the dolphinarium and water park, and in quiet Cattolica you can relax in the shade of vineyards and olive groves. Wide sandy beaches with warm and gentle sea attract everyone to soak up the sun. Rimini is a city for those who have made a decision, finally, to truly relax and enjoy life.

MARATEYA - THE PEARL OF TIRRAN COAST Maratea is a unique and incomparable treasure of Italy. A small town on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the province of Basilicata, attracts lovers of measured marine recreation. There are no noisy parties and parties - it is worth to come here for unity with nature. It is in Maratea is uncharted part of Italy, which is a UNESCO reserve. Thanks to the cleanest and deepest sea, it is interesting for diving lovers. The rugged coast is 32 km and includes more than two dozen beaches with golden sand. On the beaches of Castrocucco, Fiumicello and Makarro, you can find unique black sand. The landscape with cliffs and a lot of small, amazing bays will allow you to enjoy a quiet holiday in nature.

ON STEPS OF ANTIQUITY. SORRENTO - EARTH SIREN This city is located on the coast of the Gulf of Naples, it is surrounded by impressive cliffs - it was about them that the ancient ships crashed and hundreds of sailors died, fascinated by the singing voices of the mythical sirens. The name of the city itself is interpreted as “Sireon” - the land of sirens. These creatures appeared in both poems of Homer and served as a source of inspiration for many creators of the next centuries. Today, Sorrento combines the charm of an urban atmosphere and lushly landscaped slopes. Southern herbs, abundantly growing in these environs, turn into spices, olive groves supply the inhabitants with oil, and lemongrass, ripening, serves as the basis for the world's best "limoncello" - a unique lemon liqueur. In the end, not the same wine! Sorrento has two major ports, Marina Piccola and Marina Grande. The coast itself is littered with fish restaurants - in the coastal cities of Italy, people cannot imagine life without this product. Go to any of the establishments and you will be surprised how much you can cook from ordinary, it would seem, fish. Even if you are not an amateur gourmet, you will surely find a dish to taste.

SHILLA - A QUIET TOWN WITH A TERRIBLE LEGEND In Homer's Odyssey, the strait separating the two monsters, Scylla and Charybdis, was described in detail. This strait was the most dangerous test for sailors and took hundreds of lives. Geographically, it coincides with the location of the Strait of Messina between Calabria and Sicily. On the eastern coast among the rocks is a small town of Scilla - it is considered to be considered the ancient abode of the mythical monster Scylla. He is described as a monster with twelve legs and six heads on flexible necks. According to the poem, Scylla lived in the rock so high that no arrows even reached her cave.

SICILY - HISTORY IN ANTIQUITY The island, as if located on the tip of the Italian “boot”, is full of curious legends and facts. For example, few people know that Sicily is slowly but surely moving towards the mainland part of the state. The Strait of Messina shares not only the land massifs, but also the habitats of the mythical monsters mentioned above, Scylla and Charybdis. And if the first one is a completely concretized monster, then in the case of Charybdis, Homer limited himself to a description of a whirlpool, rampaging by the will of a certain sea goddess. According to the poem, he absorbs water three times a day and spews it just as many times. At this, the mythical creatures in Sicily do not end there - according to legend, Cyclops also lived here, including Cyplop Polyphemus, who figured in the Odyssey. However, this legend is easily explained - it originated after the skulls of dwarf elephants were found on the island. Due to the bizarre structure of the head and the placement of the airways going through the trunk, the opening for them is located in the frontal part of the skull, which looks like an eye socket.

Italy is like a large blanket, woven from patches and colorful scarves - no city is like another, every corner of this country is unique in customs and legends, on which generations grow. The most terrifying cliffs may in fact prove to be the friendly, colorful villages of our days - and this is just one more confirmation of the purely Italian charm, which is impossible without contrasts.

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The centuries-old history of Italy gave her lands an incomparable charm


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