Exploris can be attributed to research vessels, with the corps Ice Class

Exploris is a new 100 meter yacht with a "X-Bow" type of hull that can swim in high latitudes and deliver its owner to anywhere in the world. Exploris can be attributed to research vessels, with the corps Ice Class. Behind the harsh exterior hide modern technology and equipment, which are found only on real research vessels. Among the features of Exploris is the availability of a special helicopter hangar, which is designed for 13-meter models Augusta Grand or EC135, as well as a helipad in the stern of the vessel, certified for the use of a 16-meter helicopter. In the garage can stand two 12-meter boats and Trident submarine allow guests to travel without any restrictions. In combination with thrusters, Exploris has not only excellent maneuverability, but also an enviable stock of 7,000 nautical miles.

On Exploris there is a huge beach club and a 10-meter pool in the rear, the second Jacuzzi pool is on the bow. Above the bridge is a deck with a panoramic lounge, another deck is at the disposal of the owner of the yacht.

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