Shipyard Frauscher (name of the founders) from the picturesque Austrian town on Lake Traunsee last year turned 90 years old. To the anniversary of the model Frauscher replenished with an elegant pleasure boat. Its excellent design and characteristics 858 Fantom Air inherited from the same-name closed version, adding only a prefix designating the type of yacht open in the line of Frauscher.

The Austrian shipyard Frauscher is unique and offers innovative motor and electric boats. Considering that it is quite difficult to compete with Italian luminaries in this segment, lovers of yachting have already given high marks to 858 Fantom Air. Safety, seasoned with a pinch of adrenaline, and a design based on quality and ergonomics - that's how you can describe the new model of Austrian shipbuilders.
This day cruiser is ideal for a picnic in a cozy bay, or for a quick walk on the waves. At first glance, 858 Fantom Air changes are not so significant compared to the original version. Open Fantom has absorbed the best of Italian and German sports cars.

The model has features for which the shipyard values: the stability on the water, excellent performance and stylish appearance. The characteristic design of the body from the Frauscher with its raised nose gently passes through the wave. The boat quickly gaining speed, smoothly enters the planing mode and also quietly "lands", without sharp impacts and jolts. In turns 858 Fantom Air behaves very steadily, even at the steepest bends. At full speed, the boat's balance is felt.

The Air model assumes an open bow of the boat, which gives the opportunity to ride, as they say, with a breeze. The increase in the number of guests - this is the message, it seems, was invested by a trio of creators 858 Fantom Air. It included: the head of the development department Frauscher Shipyard - Thomas Gerzer, the engineer for designing yachts Harry Mizbauer, who was responsible for the design of the hull, and the long-time partner of the shipyard - the design bureau KISKA.

The shipyard is famous for its first-class luxury items: the anchor in the classic Frauscher style is elegantly inscribed in a practically vertical nose. The bathing platform is finished with a teak, and the chrome telescopic ladder is successfully integrated into the diving platform. And in general, the elegant proportions and clean lines are perfectly calibrated from the bow to the stern and rivet the looks to this day cruiser.

It is convenient that a large sandfall on the stern is separated by a teak passage. This solution allows you to go on board or use the bathing platform, without interfering with enjoying the sun baths to other guests. Next is a cozy sofa and an ergonomic control post with armchairs. The windshield of the rounded shape protects perfectly from the wind, without affecting the stylistics of the case.

Anyone who owns 858 Fantom Air, immediately notes: a motor yacht with its modest size of 8.6 meters has a spacious deck. By the way, thanks to the fact that the console is in the center of the boat, it was possible to implement one very interesting solution. In fact, in the already existing building, wider passages from nose to stern turned out, and in general the useful area of ​​the deck space increased. Due to this version of Air began to be called the walkaround boat.

The cruiser is designed for a company up to 9 people. In the bow of the 858 Fantom Air, instead of a small cabin, a full lounge appeared - two sofas and a table. Thanks to the folding design of the table, it is either fully disassembled, or lowered to the seat level, and by means of an additional section and soft cushions it forms a solid sofa. Under the seats there are additional storage facilities, which are designed for both luggage and special equipment - lifejackets, fenders, etc. A retractable 30-liter beverage refrigerator is installed under the sofa at the stern and opened by pressing a button on the control console.

Another interesting innovation is folding bimini tops, which for several seconds are fixed independently from each other over the bow and stern lounge. They are neatly laid behind the seats and in niches on both sides, completely without occupying a useful space, but at any time can protect guests from the sun, providing full shading of the 858 Fantom Air. The boat also has a rain awning.

The Frauscher 858 Fantom Air is available in one of three engine variants: the Volvo Penta 300 hp, and the MerCruiser V8 with 350 hp. or 430 hp. The 370-liter fuel tank makes the yacht suitable for long walks, given that fuel consumption is between 25 and 50 liters per hour.

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