Life in the sea is a sensation of a gentle breeze, smelling of freshness and salty ocean. This principle was followed at the Benetti shipyard, when they undertook to create such a project. The yacht should not have become a regular multi-level on the water with air conditioners and small balconies. The main goal is to create a cozy sea oasis, which could give the feeling of the sea to the full. This is exactly what the new vessel M / Y Seasense turned out to be.

Since the beginning of work on the project the owner has very clearly decided what exactly he wants to receive on his future yacht. He knew exactly what he did not want: dark wooden panels varnished, low ceilings, faded neutral tones, a pompous formal dining room that no one would use, white carpet, and a komorku called a gym. But the most important, even fundamental issue, was the open space - a lot of open space.

The work on the project was done by the Dutch designer Cor D. Rover, who was able to make a truly new concept and idea. M / Y 'Seasense' stands out from all that was built by the Benetti shipyard, only typically narrow vertical windows remained. The first thing that catches your eye is the displaced superstructure. The aft part of the main deck is enclosed only by the "weightless" guard rail, instead of a massive bulwark, which often covers the most beautiful views. The steel case looks more manly than all the predecessors that came down from the Benetti slipways, and thanks to a blunt nose and an extended aft part, M / Y 'Seasense' somehow resembles a modern expedition vessel.

The basis for 'Seasense' was the idea of ​​a "beach club", which determined the style of the yacht. The bathing platform meets a rain shower, and there is no familiar beach with a bar or chairs. But it's worth going up to the main deck, it's immediately clear why. Before the guests there is a huge swimming pool, 10 to 4 meters in size, all at a vessel length of 67 meters and a width of about 11 meters. Around the pool is built a real beach club with sun loungers and sofas, which are protected by umbrellas and side blinds from the sun. This beach area is able to simultaneously take a minimum of 12 guests.

The next innovation that causes astonishment is the transformation of the pool into a basketball court. Yes, in a real sports zone with baskets for balls! For this, a huge preparation was carried out, since filling and emptying a pool with a capacity of 27,000 liters required a scrupulous approach. The Benetti engineers have done a great job of studying the stability of a vessel with a full-size pool, using the large-scale 'Seasense' model at the Maritime Research Institute in the Netherlands.

The process is as follows: water is pumped into the tanks under the pool, and support structures are installed on the bottom. Then the entire "cup" is covered with specially designed panels, which for the time being are stored on the lower deck. However, as they say in Benetti, it's quite a long occupation, which can take at least 6 hours.
As you move deeper into the deck, another non-trivial solution attracts attention. Teak boards are laid not traditionally along, but across, which visually makes the space of the deck wider. And although at first in Benetti in every possible way tried to dissuade the owner from such a bold reception, yet this decision found a place on board. In addition, this way of laying allowed to save significant resources, because there is less waste.
The beach club is adjoined by a bar corner with relaxation zones, as well as a dining room. Formally, the dining room is in the open air, but can completely separate from the beach area with sliding glass partitions, creating a sense of summer countryside veranda. The owner especially insisted that all the zones were as open as possible and reminded that you are still on a yacht.

Interior on the main deck is more suitable definition of the cinema. It is a TV lounge with an integrated music library, which can be enjoyed on a 98-inch screen. The salon-cinema is also separated by glass partitions from the dining room. All this allows you to flexibly use the spaces, integrating the beach club, dining room and lounge or, on the contrary, dividing them into three independent zones.

In the salon on the main deck, there were no dining areas planned, serving functions for the VIP, so there was a skylounge on the upper deck. There is also a sofa corner, and an office with a library, and a dining room at the junction of open and closed spaces. A large area of ​​al fresco in the open air serves as an unspoken continuation of the skylauna.

Designing of interiors was occupied by studio Area from Los Angeles. Designers have left from the hackneyed color schemes and traditional textures that turn a full custom yacht into too predictable and similar to hundreds of others. Benetti 'Seasense' used more than a hundred different materials. As wall panels dozens of types of wood were used, and for each of the bathrooms several types of marble. And this is not counting the numerous solutions for flooring, which are radically different from each other in all areas.

For the basis was taken the blue color, which conditionally resembles sea water. On M / Y 'Seasense' it is present in one or another intensity - from "royal" blue to azure, as if symbolizing a smooth transition from the color of the sea depths to the celestial celestial blue. Furniture and textiles Walter Knoll and Martin Brattrud serve as bright spots against the background of quiet shades of walls and floor. Velvet emerald upholstery, silky mottled carpets Tai Ping perfectly match with small inclusions of pink, gold and lime shades. In general, the style of M / Y 'Seasense' is characterized by a laconic modern design, but it retains a cozy home atmosphere.
Master apartments, located in the bow of the main deck, also fully correspond to the concept of a cozy house. They were conceived as an open space filled with "air", where they could place a large number of art objects. This required certain solutions, for example, to hang on the walls of paintings by the artist Valeri Berlin, the ceilings in the guest areas had to be raised to 2.5 meters. The central place is occupied by a double bed, above it ceilings reach already incredible 3 meters. It was necessary to place an art object - stainless steel chandeliers Studio Roso. Its mirror polished faces play in the light and fill the bedroom with glare. The cabin is complemented by a chaise longue, dressing rooms "for him" and "for her", and a bathroom with a shower and a bath. Near the master suite there is another VIP cabin, which will most certainly be used for the members of the owner's family. In addition to a double bed and a wardrobe, the suite has a dressing room, a bathroom and a dressing table. In addition, her color solution also draws attention - saturated blue was replaced by bright red accents. Another four guest cabins are located on the lower deck - two VIPs and Twins, where the sleeping places can be either single or with the shifting beds transformed into one large.

The upper level, sandek, also has an interesting layout. The covered central part is reserved for a professional gym. It is a full-fledged fitness club with a whole set of simulators, dumbbells and other necessary sports equipment. And it's important to note, this is really a hall, and not a narrow corridor with one simulator - this is what the owner of M / Y 'Seasense' wanted to avoid. An elevator in the center of the gym could be a serious problem, but this "flaw" was turned into a full-fledged art object: a cylindrical shaft was decorated with air bubbles. On the one hand, from the gym you can go to the bow of the yacht with another beach club. From here you can see unforgettable views of the sea horizon, which you can contemplate from Jacuzzi, or lying on one of the surrounding mattress. On the stern, on the other side of the gym, is a cocktail area with a bar counter, barbecue and even a pizza oven on the wood!

From a technical point of view, on M / Y 'Seasense' everything is organized more traditionally and habitually. The vessel is powered by two diesel engines CAT 3512C to 1,850 hp, thanks to which the maximum speed is 15.5 knots, and the range is 5000 n miles at 12 knots. Also on M / Y 'Seasense' there is a stabilization system, which includes two pairs of blade propellers. In the garage is an 8-meter tender limousine Benetti, specially built by Giorgio Cassetta.

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