C SEED Supermarine: 4K-tv for yachts


C Seed has partnered with Porsche Design to launch the Supermarine 4K TV

C Seed, together with Porsche Design, has launched the Supermarine 4K TV, which the manufacturer calls "the first real super telephony for yachts." The model is available in two versions: 144 inches and 201 inches.

According to C Seed, the Supermarine TV has all the parameters necessary for the best possible performance on board the vessel. The claimed peak brightness of the screen is 4500 nits, the color depth of the pixels is 48 bits. The case is made of aluminum and steel and protected from water, salt and sun.

It should be noted that the Supermarine screen consists of several separate panels, which add up harmonica. In a folded state, the TV, due to the motorized mechanism, hides in a special compartment in the deck. The reverse process takes a minute. The design provides a 180 ° reversal.

Two large speakers and a subwoofer come with the TV set. All three speakers also hide in the floor if necessary. Columns of this type C Seed introduced last year. The directional diagram of the column reaches 110 degrees. The system can develop sound pressure up to 125 dB.

C Seed claims that Supermarine is superior to most modern expensive UHD / HDR models for image quality and sound.

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