The name of this shipyard came from Sino-Taiwanese mythology. Mazu & mdash; is the goddess of the seas, which protects fishermen and sailors, she was subject to waves and any typhoons. It is with such a strong character associated small boats Mazu, produced in the Turkish city of Yalova.

Mazu is a relatively young player in the sports yacht market. The production and design capacities of Mazu are concentrated in Yalova. Since 2011, the company has proved itself as a manufacturer of high-speed boats in the military lux style with an aggressive profile, clean lines and impressive running characteristics. In 2017, all the models presented made a splash at the Cannes Yacht Festival.
Mazu 42 Walk-around became the flagship of the shipyard, where the open spaces and the comfort of staying on the deck are put at the forefront, which is proud of the additional "postscript" walk-around. This means that you can literally walk around in a boat. These considerations inspired the designer Halit Yukay to host the control post with a closed rigid visor in the central part of the deck. Such a non-trivial solution allowed to protect the control panel well, as well as to add convenience and ergonomics in use. Due to the high bulwark, the wide side passages are safe for movement even on the go.
The main deck with its open spaces, lounge areas with tables on the bow and stern, large sunpad and bathing platform are ideal for a comfortable stay. If necessary, both on the nose and on the stern, you can install a cloth top on the carbon racks, to protect from the sun and a little rain.
But it is more interesting to observe the body in motion, when at great speed it soars over the water, ensuring a smooth course in the planing mode. Under this, at first glance, the seemingly standard body hides the highest quality, economical design, power and efficiency.

Mazu emphasizes that each of their yachts is handmade. After all, this is the essence of cold molding - the technology that is used in the manufacture of the hull. To increase strength, one or more layers of carbon are used. Certainly, such a boat weighs less, and, consequently, fuel consumption decreases and speed increases. All this allows to take full advantage of the propulsion - a pair of Volvo Penta IPS 600, with a capacity of 435 horsepower each. A boat with a displacement of 8 tons develops a maximum speed of 47 knots, or moves with a cruising speed of 32 knots.
Variants of interiors on the Mazu 42 Walk-around are offered a great variety. All furniture and decor can be changed at the request of the customer. Interior 42 Walk-around - light, modern and cozy, it was decorated with alcantara and leather. On the lower deck there are 4 sleeping places: in the aft part is a large bed, and closer to the nose - a transforming sofa. A full bathroom on the starboard side. Leather for upholstered furniture and armchairs pilots makes Italian brand Foglizzo, lighting systems - Cantalupi, kitchen equipment is supplied by the German company Gaggenau.
Mazu is available in all colors, but gray graphite, as well as possible, emphasizes its military character. The production of each boat takes 12 weeks and is guaranteed to exceed the initial expectations.

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