To be in the seventh heaven of happiness - everyone desires. And let this be an elusive state of mind, which everyone understands in his own way, but it's hard not to agree with the version of happiness from the Italian CRN shipyard. And even the name of the new vessel got the corresponding - Cloud 9 (literally "on the ninth cloud"), which corresponds to the more familiar "in the seventh heaven".

The ideal combination of engineering and classical design, implemented in Cloud 9, was the result of fruitful cooperation between several companies. Marine architecture of the project was developed by a team of CRN engineers, and the exterior of the vessel was designed by the Italian studio Zuccon International Project. And, finally, Winch Design specialists took care of the interior design.

First of all, the yacht stands out for its unique impeccable balance between external and internal spaces, impressive volumes and an incredibly high level of comfort. According to the tradition of the shipyard, the smooth and streamlined lines of the Cloud 9 hull fit into the definition of "modern classics", standing out with a swift bow. Despite the length of 74 meters and a width of 13.5 meters, the yacht does not look cumbersome and heavy.

It so happened that the yacht Cloud 9 changed the owner when the hull was completely ready. Nevertheless, this did not prevent her from completely satisfying the requirements of the new customer. It is primarily a family boat with an impressive list of interesting details: it has a huge beach club and several swimming pools, a gym and a spa center, a karaoke and a teppanyaki bar, a private owner's deck, an impressive list of water toys and much more. The

The internal volumes of the yacht turned out to be very capacious, although it is not surprising that the steel displacement vessel has a weight of 2,218 register tons. Also, the vessel is able to comfortably cover distances of up to 6,000 nautical miles, and 40,000 liters of drinking water and storage systems on the subdeck will not allow entering the marina for a very long time. The vessel is equipped with a pair of diesel units Caterpillar 3516C with a capacity of 2,682 hp, which provide a maximum speed of 16.5 knots. The

This yacht also impresses with its unusual organization of the interior space and a new look at the habitual zoning. The ascent to the ship here can be organized in several variants, one of which is through the flip door on the starboard side on the lower deck. Guests immediately get into the spacious lobby with a small bar and lounge area. Here, in the immediate vicinity of the elevator, it connects all the decks, which, by the way, are as many as five on this yacht.

The main salon on the main deck is also full of unusual solutions. His atmosphere is distinguished by openness and ease. At the request of the owner of the yacht, the traditional dining room is not here, so the lounge has got a lot of sofa areas and a bar corner. Such a layout is more typical of informal skylanjuzh on the upper deck. The

The whole interior is imbued with the idea of ​​a beach house on the beach. To achieve the desired effect, more than 50 species of valuable wood were used, of which bleached oak and honey fir deserve special attention. As the main tones for decorating the living space in Winch Design, sand and beige shades were chosen. They are artistically shaded by decorative niches using various shades of blue and ocher.

The elegant design of the space is emphasized with art-deco furniture along with island decor items. The central place in the cabin is a cozy sofa with a width of 1.5 meters, which is especially convenient when watching movies by a large company. Indeed, with the help of ceiling projectors and outgoing screens this space becomes a full-fledged cinema theater. The

Another highlight of the salon was the 3D porcelain panel "Clouds" by British artist Fenella Elms, which adds dynamism and depth to the central bulkhead, along with two vortex sculptures by Tim Royall.

In the stern of the main deck, which is a logical continuation of the cabin, an open lounge is equipped. But the most interesting feature was, of course, a 12-meter pool with hydromassage elements and a stunning glass bottom. The light, refracted through the water surface of the pool, creates a unique game of rays of the deck below - in the Cloud 9. Beach Club. This exclusive site, more than 60m ² of rest space at the very edge of the water, was primarily conceived in order to offer the maximum entertainment opportunities at fresh air. On the reclining platform there are sun loungers, tables and sun umbrellas. In the covered part of the beach club you can find an espresso bar, several sofa seats and a shower room. The

In the decoration of the upper deck, unusual frescos were successfully used, which are admirably combined with a ceiling imitating the water surface. The main dining room on the upper deck is an unusual solution in itself, but the designers stepped further and placed the dining table at the junction of the open and closed spaces. In bad weather, this zone can be protected from all winds by sliding glass doors, and their round shape creates a feeling of comfort. In the daytime this space is filled with fresh sea and lightness, but in the evening, the raster lamps installed in the ceiling create a unique solemn atmosphere. All this perfectly illustrates the successful work on the integration of internal and external spaces of the Studio Zuccon International and Winch Design teams.

The bow of the upper deck is given to the captain's cabin and the wheelhouse equipped with five multifunction monitors. But, perhaps, special attention on Cloud 9 deserves an open area on this deck. When designing the vessel, a helipad was planned for this site, but the new owner refused this idea. Therefore, in addition to a cozy lounge and a huge landing in front of the wheelhouse, a multifunctional terrace appeared on the bow of the ship. For example, it can be used under a huge dance floor at a party or as a karaoke club. Also the owner actively uses it under the gym in suitable weather or as another pleasant lounge under a stretching tent. In short, there are a great many solutions to the organization of this space. The

On medium-sized yachts, the so-called deck of the owner often appears recently, but in reality, the private area is a maximum of 50 percent of the entire deck. Often the owner occupies the aft part, and in the bow is the control post. Or vice versa, the owner gets at his disposal the bow of the boat with a closed terrace, and at the stern, another small salon is organized. In the case of CRN Cloud 9, a private deck is a full-fledged space that is exclusively at the owner's disposal. This deck was the culmination of an example of family recreation and classical elegance. In the stern of the deck is a private lounge with a small office and lounge. To furnish space designers have chosen a set in the Art Deco style, inlaid with mother of pearl and harmoniously combined with a white floor covering. Also in this zone there is a second cinema, which involves watching films not only in the cabin itself, but also from an open aft platform.

The bow deck of the owner's deck is given for the master suite. Before you get directly into the sleeping area, the owner passes a large corridor from where there is access to the cloakroom and other storage systems. The central place in the bedroom is a huge bed, framed by an elegant leather headboard with a warm backlight of flowing light. Warm sandy shades of walls, floors and ceilings create an atmosphere of appeasement and relaxation, and emphasize the beach theme - decor items. Wall installations with patterns of leaves in an inlaid tree are a real work of art created by the carver-master Veneto.
Two bathrooms - "for him" with a shower and "for her" with a luxurious bathroom - are decorated with exclusive varieties of marble. For example, Botticino Classic marble beige was used in the bathroom "for her" and it has a unique shade and texture. Another feature of the master apartments is panoramic glazing with access to an open terrace with several solariums and a lounge under the awning.

Residential spaces for guests on Cloud 9 are on the main deck, and not on the lower level, as is customary. So, here it is supposed to accommodate up to 14 guests in the VIP suite and six standard cabins in the bow of the main deck. And some suites have transformable sleeping places: in a few seconds a double place is converted into a pair of free-standing beds and vice versa. All cabins have private bathrooms with a shower and a bath, drowning in the finish of Calcutta marble and mother-of-pearl finish. In addition, all guests are available a wide range of entertainment, ranging from satellite television to a full media system, managed with the help of the iPad. The

Sandek - the ideal area for sunbathing and entertainment guests. There is everything for a comfortable stay - several sandpads, a Jacuzzi pool, a full dining room under the open sky and a teppanyaki bar where everything is cooked on a huge scorching surface built into the countertop.

In addition to several cinemas, a karaoke zone and swimming pools, on Cloud 9 there are some more interesting entertainments and opportunities, for example - wellness-zone. On the main deck is a spa complex, equipped with a massage table and a small beauty salon. In addition, from this room there is an exit to the reclining balcony. On the upper deck is an indoor gym with a set of simulators.

Since the traditional guest compartment was organized on the main deck, most of the lower deck is reserved for accommodation and rest places for the staff on board Cloud 9. 13 full cabins for 22 crew members are built, including cabins for additional personnel, for example, for nannies or teachers. In addition, the crew has its own kitchen, dining room and lounge.

Separately, you need to mention the garage on this ship, since it's two huge hangars on the lower deck. From the list of all kinds of water toys on the Cloud 9 is breathtaking: a 9.3-meter Novurania tender, a towboat for a wake board and water skis Mastercraft X20, an inflatable MiniCat 420 Evoque, four Yamaha jet skis, a X-Jetpack and Flyboard Pro, a pair of Seabobs F5 S and 13-meter inflatable hill. On board there is also equipment for scuba diving, fishing and snorkeling. And this is only part of the list of entertainment, which, no doubt, will please any guest of Cloud 9.

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