YACHT LIFT: comfort or stylish element?


Incredibly stylish combination of comfort and luxury are modern elevators placed on yachts. Yes, it is just above the surface of the water, on the most elegant and large high-speed vessels, that you can now see such a familiar thing as a lifting booth in a new interpretation. They are placed on the sides for functional reasons, as an alternative to staircases, but they create a unique atmosphere of refinement and cosmic forms, thanks to its luxury design.

Superyachts, the size, speed and equipment of which causes pride in their designers and owners become even more perfect and comfortable. And it's all about the additional equipment and, of course, equipping them with elevators. This, of course, can be considered another upward lift and a new word in the yacht building. Despite the similarity of the design with ground-based prototypes, the elevators that are installed on the sides of the superyachts have their own characteristics. First of all, they are adapted to the movement of ships, and therefore able to rise and fall, staying not only in a strictly vertical position.

The Dutch company Lift Emotions, which has been designing, selecting materials, assembling and installing yacht elevators for more than 10 years, now creates unique in its design, safe and properly functioning models. Employees of this company own bold and sometimes seemingly unrealistic ideas: an elevator for a yacht that, in the course of travel, can rotate the cabin so that it can be accessed from different sides on different decks.
No matter how complicated the project turned out, the creators of booths running up and down receive an original product that has no analogues. Each elevator is unique. And it's all about the system of restrictions that yacht constructors place before the elevator designers. And the latter must repeatedly solve a difficult task in several actions: design the system in such a way that it is securely attached to the guides, and then place the ready elevator in the specified free space on board the superyachts.

Most of the known models are hydraulic. This allows you to minimize mechanical parts and simplify maintenance, while retaining all the functions of the smoothly moving cab, which makes several stops along the way. In addition, the opportunity to win 1-1.5 meters of free space for the elevator shaft is not possible on the sides of even the grandiose yachts. Often it is necessary to be content with 40-50 centimeters of depth under the cabin. And this is another argument in favor of hydraulics.

The most common elevators on the sides of yachts, the length of which reaches at least 50-60 meters, and the number of decks is more than 4. But smaller yachts are also known, where the developers have met their customers and thanks to the incredible efforts of engineers and designers they have placed on the sides stylish, practical and incredibly luxurious elevators. All the processes of elevator assembly are still in the factory, where it is easier to monitor its quality, after which the ready-to-use product is transported to the shipyard and mounted on board.


It is difficult to single out applicants for the title of the best in the category of yacht lifts, which are complex in design and unique in style. The top of engineering thought, the embodiment of refinement and noble chic - elevators on the famous superyachts, which will be discussed below. They took places in the honorable top ten of the most complex in design and most beautiful models.


The modern 60-meter superyacht of CRN shipyard with impeccable interior, has an impressive set of amenities, one of which is an internal elevator. Features of the elevator on its board can be considered the glass walls of the cabin with a refined engraving, which supports the overall style of decoration. Images of the inhabitants of the sea open spaces create a unique atmosphere and enchant the sophistication of the master's work.


The glass elevator is almost the main attraction of this yacht Benetti shipyard, the length of which reaches 61 meters. This is not surprising, because the creation of this design of architects inspired the character of the film James Bond. Brilliant in every sense, the elevator fits perfectly into the entourage, and in combination with a marble floor and a beautiful curved staircase, it creates an exquisite ensemble in an interior in which there are no shortcomings.


The highlight of the 77-meter Galactica Super Nova superyacht from Heesen is the transparent glass elevator, designed by the Dutch company in the form of a cylinder. It combines in its design smooth shapes and clear lines in addition to various textures and materials. Here there are metal, wood, leather, which in the synthesis with glass panels create a sense of high cost, despite the rather laconic design.


Holland Marine Lifts has developed a mechanism and a lift design for the 70 meter yacht Joy of the Feadship shipyard, belted by a spiral staircase that rises from the lower deck. Selecting a lift in the elevator, you can admire the colors of dawn or spend the last rays of the sun sinking in the sea depths; glass elevator panels give the opportunity to enjoy a magnificent view during a small journey between the decks.


Another unique elevator in terms of design features is on this 88-meter megayacht from the Oceanco shipyard. Again, the design, construction and installation were performed by Dutch professionals. The hydraulic glass lift is designed for 6 people and connects all 6 decked yachts. An unusual feature of the elevator is the ensemble of sparkling metal balls imitating air bubbles rising spirally to the surface of the water.


This 55-meter yacht of the Heesen shipyard features a laconic and stylish interior design. The glass model of a cylindrical elevator cabin with a spiral stair around moves along a vertical axis and allows to increase the space of the lower deck, where many people usually gather.


The superyacht of the Abeking & Rasmussen shipyard (81 m) requires a spacious elevator. The combination of classic noble shades in design and modernized elevator shapes perfectly complement the interior with the shine of stainless steel plates.


The peculiarity of the elevator, which is equipped with this 61-meter yacht CRN shipyard, is its semicircular cabin. The elevator is located in the central lobby, serves not only a functional role, but also adds a special charm to the interior. And the light penetrating inside through the glittering glass doors, fights off against the walls all the faces of the refracted rays.


The Rossinavi 53-meter yacht has an ultra-modern chrome elevator with a stylish design. The oval cubicle laconically fits into the free space and does not clutter the passage to the staircase located next door. This form has become an excellent solution for a limited area.


The scale of this 70-meter superyacht Perini Navi allowed the designer Remy Tessier to play with the design of the elevator. A fairly spacious cabin model with a reliable lifting and lowering mechanism is made of glass and decorated with gold crochet. Overflowing in the beams of muted light piercing the stairs, this elevator looks really expensive.

Such miracles can be found in the sea. A dozen years ago, the yacht elevator was the mechanism for the safe descent of ships to water, and now, settling on the sides of motor boats, elevators surprise and enchant the perfection of forms and the richness of the design. Overcoming the limits of possible, designers and designers of yacht elevators improve mechanical systems and enter their creations in any interiors of superyachts.

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