The most visited place for all anglers is Norway.

The most visited place for all anglers is Norway. It is not strange, because there are all the conditions for a successful catch. Geographical location and huge fish stocks have helped this country become the most desired for lovers of sea hunting. The nature here is ecologically clean, and beautiful landscapes turn fishing into recreation.
There is no need to be a professional with great experience to catch such kinds of fish as: saithe, haddock, catfish, cod. But the most important "trophy" of any fisher is a halibut. To catch halibut is not enough one special equipment, you also need to know the special technique of catching.

Let's start with the main thing, namely, what is the best way to catch all the listed species of fish. The first thing you need is, of course, spinning. It should be hard, and its length is from 1.6 to 2.6 m with a test of 30-50 Lb. The length of the spinning should be chosen according to the growth of the fisherman. As for the form, it is best to use carbon, it is practical and not very heavy. Do not need to take sticks with rollers instead of rings, they will not be needed. When choosing a handle, pay attention to its length: the longer the handle, the more comfortable it will be to rest the rod and rotate the coil at the same time. This spinning is suitable for fishing at a depth of up to 120 m.
If you need a big fish and more depth, then it is worth buying one more rod with a test of 50 Lb. These rod stocks are produced by such popular companies as Blue Marlin, Daiwa, Trabucco, Shimano, Penn.
After selecting the appropriate spinning, go to the coil. Experienced masters advise for the open sea multiplier coils. Why not inertial? Because they are lighter and stronger. If fjord fishing is more of interest, an inertial coil will be of interest. The multiplier coil should be placed 300 meters of a cord 30-50 Lb. So much cord is needed in order to avoid hooks and cliffs when biting very large fish. Even when choosing a coil, it is worth paying attention to the gear ratio. If the number is large, then tackle can be easier and faster to raise and at the same time to spend less energy and energy. When fishing in the high seas, you need to choose a reel without a wood scavenger. The fact is that the woodcutter often breaks with a large fish weight.
The number of coils should be 1-2 more than "sticks". Spare reels are needed for replacement, as in the sea coils often break down, and rapid replacement will save a lot of time. Fans of bottom fishing recommend a cord instead of monofilament. The main advantage of the cord is that it does not stretch and the punching becomes stiff.
Tackles can be rented at fishing facilities. At the bottom rigging, we need to use a weights of 350 to 850 gr. You can also use without hooks, but it will cost more and the probability of a cliff will be much greater. So we advise when catching the bottom rigs still buy a sinker.
Do not buy the cheapest equipment for fishing, as it quickly breaks, especially if you catch a big fish. It is better to invest more money and be sure that sticks and coils will withstand the load.

Decide what to fish - this is only the beginning, then you need to choose what is best to catch the northern fish.

Natural bait. A very popular bait - a fillet of poppy seeds. For those who do not know, mackerel is a common mackerel. It must be caught before the start of the fishing, so that the question of bait no longer disturbed. To catch mackerel, you need to use 4 hooks with sparkles. There is a time that mackerel is not caught. In order not to remain without bait, you need to buy frozen herring in the store. The big drawback is that the thawed herring does not hold well on the hook. Herring can be replaced with frozen squid. In general, natural bait is one of the best and most effective ways. The role of bait can also be used worms, shrimp or mussels.
Fishing for the fly. Anglers with experience recommend not to neglect the way of catching on the fly. This method is very effective for catching trout and cod.
Jig. Sinker from the lead with a hook at the end. This can be a big fish peck.

Among the fishermen in the north, such ways of catching are popular:
• fishing with a stalker is, as a matter of fact, a spinner, it has a different shape and color. Among the popular variants of the spoon-baits are "Banana" and "Norwegian". For deep fishing it is better to use a trolley with a light-accumulating coating. The required weight of the pellet is determined with the help of wind and current. Usual blesna weighs from 350 to 650 grams;
• Halibut, flounder, catfish, red perch are mainly caught on bottom gear. The usual bottom rigging has a leash and a shock-leader. The length of the shock leader is up to 2 meters. It is necessary in order not to cut your hands. There are leashes for every taste, with a different number of hooks, different shapes and colors. In general, everything is designed to attract fish.

• the filleting knife will help to quickly and qualitatively prepare the bait;
• pliers are used, as a rule, for the removal of hooks;
• Belt stop - a very convenient thing when you need to stand standing up;
• foam rubber sponge with a lace and a weft - a universal washbasin, it will help to wash your hands of fish;
• plastic bucket or can for bait;
• overalls.

Pay attention to the choice of clothes, this depends on the comfort of the angler. The weather in the north is deceptive, it may rain or a strong wind may begin, and in a few minutes there will be a warm sun. Clothing should be waterproof. A headpiece must necessarily be present, which will not fly off in the presence of strong gusts of wind. As for shoes, it should be comfortable and warm. Also, do not forget about the life jacket, which will help save the sinking person from the side. The best option for any fisher is a fishing float suit. This jumpsuit will not let you get wet and freeze.

Practically all fishermen in the north use motor boats or boats with outboard motors. The length of all different, from 7 meters. In such boats are placed 4 people. Without a sounder and a chartplotter, there is nothing to do in the sea, and a closed felling allows not to miss fishing even in a small storm.

The main purpose of trophy fishing is a large fish. A clear plan is needed for a long period of catching, since it can take a very long time to wait for the catch. For catching large halibut or cod, large jig heads are used. Why big? Their weight is up to 800 grams, and the length is up to 45 centimeters. Such equipment can easily "cut off" any small thing and attract the real giant.
In conclusion, we note that for successful catching on the northern shores you will need warm clothes, a boat or a motor boat, a powerful rod with a multiplier, spinning with a reel and various lures for a certain fish.
 Successful fishing and a big catch!

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The most visited place for all anglers is Norway.

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