From time immemorial, man's imagination is concerned with the secrets of the depths of the sea.

At the bottom and in the underwater grottoes are pearl shells, quaint corals. Somewhere out there, in the depths of ocean waters, there are hidden ancient cities and sunken ships with treasures. Their search involves both research groups and amateur divers. Every year, manufacturers try to make diving for these people the safest, and the equipment is comfortable, light and stylish.

Mantis 2 - a new model of a computer for diving and freediving in the form of a stylish wristwatch that controls the health of a scuba diver. It is equipped with a pleasant screen, a clear menu and a simple system of circular navigation, which makes it one of the most convenient dive computers for today.
The manufacturer of the novelty is the company Scubapro, the specialists of which tried to create a clock, tuned to the functions of the body. Microsensitive sensors read the pulse and body temperature of the diver when diving and ascending, displaying all data on the display. Human Factor Diving ™ technology allows Mantis 2 to continuously adjust the algorithm to its biometric data. The algorithm for calculating the composition of the respiratory mixtures used increases safety. Also the device can work in several modes of immersion. When swimming in shallow water, Mantis 2 helps to calculate the distance based on the skill, age and physical condition of the person, and an integrated digital compass facilitates navigation.
Due to the received information on the state of their health, the diver has the opportunity to make more informed decisions based on specific data. This makes diving safe, helps improve the physical form and skills of scuba diving. In addition to working underwater, this minicomputer can also be used for normal sports activities.

You hid on the seabed or coral reef, prepared for underwater hunting, are not visible to the floating sea inhabitants. You can say that you merge with the surrounding landscape, because you have a camouflage suit - a new development of the company Beuchat.
When creating this camouflage, a huge preparatory work was carried out. The selected seabed area was scanned by rail chambers. After that, a series of photos was taken, of which the Beuchat specialists selected many images. Then they were processed using trigonometric software, which transferred these images to digital 3D format. After the drawing, they showed off the neoprene fabric, from which the wetsuit was sewn.
Among the new technological solutions from Beuchat there was one more interesting innovation - the Braca Concept liquid extraction system. It is simple, effective, hygienic and allows you to get rid of excess fluid without removing the wetsuit. Triple system with a partition provides an ideal seal and is extremely convenient due to the lack of lightning or Velcro, and besides it is completely invisible under a wetsuit.
The costumes of another Rocksea company with Trigocamo camouflage have the following advantages: when wetted with water, they change color, do not burn out in the sun, are more durable and elastic than previous models. In this novelty, more dense elbow pads and knee pads are added, which provide a longer service life.
The improved version of Rocksea Competition will have additional advantages - an even softer neoprene Elaskin X 8.6 and overlays from Supratex. Suits with a thickness of 5 and 7 mm are available.

You decided to inspect or clean the bottom of your vessel (yachts, boats, scooters, boats) from adhering seashells and seaweed. For this, it is no longer necessary to hire divers or to drag a vessel ashore, all work can be done independently under water, without attracting other people. What you need has already appeared on the market - it's Mini Dive - a balloon for short dives, assembled by French divers.
A half-liter bottle was made of aluminum alloy. With a full refueling, it holds 100 liters of air and weighs only about two kilograms, withstanding the pressure to 200 Bar. Air in the balloon is enough for 5-10 minutes of scuba diving. For convenience, the balloon is attached to a special suspension, freeing your hands. The main advantage of the novelty: it can be filled in one of four ways: by means of a special hand pump of high pressure, which is similar to a pump for a bicycle; With the help of an electric mini compressor, which can be connected to a 220V network (or 12V with an inverter); With the help of a refueling adapter from a classic balloon for diving; From a traditional compressor.
The hand pump weighs 2 kg and comes with a reusable filter that cleans the air of moisture, dust and odors. The filter needs to be changed after 30 refills. With the help of the pump, the balloon is filled in 15-30 minutes.
Mini-compressor weighs 17 kg, its power - 1500 watts. Comes with a compressor supplied 30 disposable filters that purify the air of moisture, dust and odors. It takes 2.5 minutes to fill an empty cylinder.
But do not forget that to dive to a depth of more than 3 meters, people without special training is not recommended.

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